How To Get Your First Client In 60 Days And Start Generating Online Cashflow ASAP

Hey, important question for you.

Do you want to build an online business that will give you the freedom to travel, work your own hours, and create the impact you want to leave on the world?
PAY ATTENTION : I’m about to introduce you to my brand new system, The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator and show you how I’ve helped over 100 of my students quit their jobs and start generating monthly recurring revenue. 

I know you’ve probably seen things like this in the past with people trying to teach you how to make money online, but didn’t join because something felt “off”.

Or maybe you’re just not sure you can actually do it. I mean, start building what will eventually be a 6 or 7 figure business from your laptop today? Sounds crazy right?

I used to think it sounded crazy too…

The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator

I still remember the last time I got high on Crack.

I was anxious and bobbling the pipe in my hands.

All I needed was one puff of that chemical infused mist filled so I could bury my guilt and shame under a drug induced haze.

It was the only way for me to feel normal.

When you’re the kid suspected to have every opportunity available to you…

But is constantly causing disruptions in the classroom because you can’t sit still for 6 hours a day…

And has big dreams that everyone laughs at you for....

You become the LAST kid who people expect to make a positive impact in the world.

Although I didn’t show it, it put a huge amount of pressure on me to know my teachers and peers always expected me to succeed.
After years of everybody pressuring me to be some prize child...the pressure just got to be too much...

...and that’s when I became a Crackhead.

Looking back, it’s amazing I ever stopped doing drugs and ended up an entrepreneur that would eventually have 30 day periods where I made $100,000+ from my laptop.

It’s a crazy story, but if you are reading this page right now?

It could be the story that changes your life.

Just like me, you are going to have to overcome the same struggles I did to get to where you want to be as a successful online entrepreneur.

You might not be a Crackhead (hopefully not lol), but you are definitely going to have to step outside your comfort zone, choose to own your story, and step up to become a person that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

If you ARE NOT ready to own your story and invest in your future as an entrepreneur…


Nothing else I say on this here is going to help you and I’d rather not waste both of our time.


If YOU ARE someone who’s ready to:
  • Own your story…
  • Invest in your future as an entrepreneur…
  • Work hard and smart to get to where you want to be in life…
  • ​Generate cashflow online...
  • ​And take care of the people around you
Then my goal for you by the time you reach the end of this page is to change your life by showing you how to make money online doing something you LOVE.

I know that’s a big promise, but showing other people how to do this is something I’ve dedicated my life to.

It’s why I have 100+ students that have made the same change I am going to help you make.


Let’s get started...

Tell Me If This Story Sounds Familiar...

In grade school I remember asking my teachers questions of how I could change the world.

They answered me without ever looking up from grading papers, “Well that sounds great Eric.”

And that was all I got.

I remember doing research as a little kid about the jobs that earned the most money and comparing them to the years I would have to go to school to get the paycheck.

I would plan out my life and do the math thinking I’d only have to work for 5 years as a dentist or doctor before I could finally go make the REAL change I wanted to make in the world.

But the jobs like Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, and Engineer never really resonated with me…and I hated high school enough to drop out.

The older I got, the more people started to ask me,

“What are you going to do Eric?”

But I had no idea what I wanted to do!

All I knew was that my dreams to live an amazing lifestyle and travel the world without working my life away were starting to seem…


Tell me…

Does that sound familiar?

It might take you a while to really think back and remember what life was like for you as a kid going through school.

But if you’re anything like me you’ll remember flashes of excitement and wonder about the world around you.

You’ll feel things like gratitude and remember glimpses of the big ideas you had about how you were going to change the world.

Do you remember?

If you do, I have another question for you…

Why Was That So Hard?

The answer to why our childhood dreams seem like a far off ghost you can barely see in the night is because we were trained to GIVE UP on those dreams as we went through the school system.

We were taught that making the change we wanted to see in the world was not possible for someone like us.

And it was one of the greatest disservices the world has ever done to you.

Now it’s time to reverse that damage.

I have the luxury of being able to write to you today and tell you this my friend…

Every dream you’ve had, everything you want, every change you’ve wanted to make in the world, IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACCOMPLISH.

Let me say it again just so we’re clear…

If you’ve ever wanted to make HUGE sums of money to live the lifestyle you dream of…

If you’ve ever wanted to protect the wild, natural places around the world…

If you want to make a change in civil liberties and the way people are treated…

If you just wanted to buy your parents a nice home so they never have to worry about paying their bills again…

If you want to build a legacy for your family name…

Heck, if you want to build the first colony on the Moon!!

It’s possible to make that change and create that reality in your life by taking actions to get there

How do I know this?

Because 12 years ago, this was me...

  • Crackhead…
  • Unreliable…
  • Fearful…
  • ​Angry…
  • ​Sad…
  • ​Resentful…
  • ​Victim mindset...

​And now today, this is me…

  • Entrepreneur…
  • Leader…
  • Speaker…
  • ​Coach…
  • In shape…
  • ​Grateful…
  • ​Traveler…
  • ​Difference maker…
Don’t get me wrong, I work to become a better version of myself every day. 

But when I think back to the little boy with dreams about changing the world and living an incredible lifestyle…
...Who I am today is someone that little boy would be proud of.

And Now I Want To Help You Change Your Life Forever So You Can Become The Person Of Your Wildest Dreams

Is that ok?

If not, you can still exit this page now. You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise.

But if you’ll allow me to help you and avoid the years and years of spinning my wheels and going nowhere…

Let me talk to you about a topic a lot of people don't like to talk about called…


I know it’s likely a red flag just went off in your mind.

“Wait! This guy is talking about money now? I thought we were talking about how he can help me pursue my dreams, not make more money.”

You’re right.

What I’m talking to you about is the possibility that you DO NOT have to accept the box society wants to push you into...and can instead create your OWN future using what I am about to show you on this page.

And money AKA online cashflow, is a HUGE part of creating your own future.


What would change in your life if you NEVER had to:
  • Work another 8 hour day at a job you hate…
  • Spend another holiday at your job instead of celebrating with your friends and family…
  • Cancel plans because your job calls you into work unexpectedly…
  • ​Plan a vacation around your work days…

What if instead, you could spend your life…

  • Vacationing whenever and wherever you want…
  • ...while taking the people you CHOOSE to spend time with…
  • And to be in total control of your time spent on this Earth instead of a boss who doesn't value you?
If I could show you an exact path to create that future for yourself…

Would you be willing to invest Time, Energy, and Money into yourself to have your first profitable cashflow month online so you could quit your job and start living life on your own terms?



Let me introduce you to…

The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator

The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator is something I created to help people make the income they want online so they can make the change they want to make in the world by leveraging their unique expertise and knowledge. 

Inside this program I am going to show you how to get your clients online and start generating PROFIT where you are making money and helping other people.

To paraphrase the Founder and CEO of Clickfunnels Russel Brunson…

“You only need to be one chapter ahead to sell your knowledge to your clients.”

Want some real life examples of what this has looked like for other clients?


Tia had 32,000 followers and is an amazing Tony Robbins Team Leader, but she was struggling with turning her community into a profound tribe full of passion and purpose.

Here is what she had to say…

Asha Honeysett SUCCESS STORY

Asha was a psychologist stuck in her job and here is what she had to say, “my wins that I have encountered over the time working with Eric over the last few months, first and foremost, I left my day job, so for those of you that don't know- I am a psychologist by trade, and I pursued psychology directly after leaving school, so I have been immersed in everything psychology for the past 14 years.
And it has been a really key staple in how I've seen myself and defined myself. When I first met Eric, it was shortly after I had a download of a vision of what I wanted to contribute essentially to the world. Because one of my biggest frustrations in being a psychologist was only really ever being able to work on a one to one basis and for so many of you-- you've experienced the same journey where you reach capacity with that one to one basis and then you look to scale up. And for me that essentially meant completely redefining myself as an entrepreneur-- kind of dropping the psychology title because there's a lot of rules and regulations in my discipline. So rebranding myself as a mindset coach and so that's kind of underneath the surface of one of the things that has been a win--- me letting go of a lot of that kind of training and mindset, but using it at the same time. 

Nicolette Jane SUCCESS STORY

Nicolette had never worked online and she is a creative and conscious healer who has made a massive change in her life. In her second month she already made her 5 figure month. She now continues to help other healers recognize what is possible and minimizes the fear within, Nicolette shares, “Fear stops us from progressing towards our soul calling out directions...Hesitation is the result of fear whispering in our ear.”

But they aren’t the only ones…

So My Question To You Is…

Why Can’t You Be Next?

In fact, when you join The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to make these results happen to yourself over the next 6 weeks.

I’m going to show you how it works right now, but first you need to understand that everything I am about to show you requires work from YOU.

I wish I could, but there is no way I can build your online business for you.

I can only show you what myself and the dozens of clients that have joined my programs have done.

Because of those results, I’m very confident that if you put in the effort to make this happen on your end, you could make your first $2,000…$5,000...or even $10,000+ online in the next 6 weeks!


YOU must put in the effort to succeed. 

Here Is How It Works

When you sign up to join The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator, you are going to be committing to consuming and implementing the information inside 6 weeks of online video modules, attending all Live Q&A calls, and being an active participant inside our private support community.

Let’s break down exactly what you get.

#1 = 6 Weeks Of Video Content Inside A Private Multi-Media Cashflow Library

Think of this like a treasure vault.

You are going to be getting information that has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my time.

But instead of having to travel to temples to learn from Hindu wisemen and join massive masterminds with people like Tony Robbins and Todd Brown…

You get access to everything at the touch of a button from your desktop or phone.

Here’s how that content is broken up...
  • Week 1 Business Foundation + Evolution Of A Conscious Creator:
I’ve had students in the past that don’t want to start with mindset.

They say it’s “boring stuff” and want to get into sexy tactics like paid advertising and organic outreach methods.

But the fact is that mindset is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I can teach you to accelerate your success into becoming an entrepreneur.

The fact is that if you think mindset is “boring”?

You have been brainwashed into thinking what goes on in between your ears is a secondary concern…

...When in reality it is THE most important thing for you to understand to build an online business that generates consistent cashflow.

Online entrepreneurs just think differently than most people.

It’s the same as looking at someone like Steve Jobs compared to the owner of the local tow truck company in your town.

They think differently and therefore create different realities for themselves.

To get you to start generating money online, we need you to start thinking differently to create a different outcome in your life.

Week 1 will be all about shifting your mindset so we can shift your reality.
  • Week 2 How To Be A Conscious Cashflow Magnet:
After we’ve introduced the idea of how to think differently and lay a new foundation for your online business, we need to take action and start to build a new reality for yourself.

Have you ever met somebody who just seems to attract money wherever they go?

Yet other people who associate bad feelings with money seem to repel money. .

But the truth is that ANYONE can become a cashflow magnet using exercises that train your mind and the people around you into believing that money is attracted to you.

This is how we turn you into a cashflow magnet.

Week 2 is all about setting you up for success so you can experience results faster instead of pounding your head against a wall for weeks to come.
  • Week 3 Conversion Methodology:
It’s time to start building your “goodwill bank account” with your audience.

Just like a real bank account, everything you do for your audience is going into a “good will” bank account. The more you treat the people around you and your social media followers right and give them value, the more likely they are to say yes when you offer them a product or service.

During this week, it is my goal to get you on your first sales call with a prospect and see if you can close them if you haven’t done this already.

Some people think sales is supposed to be sleazy, but when done right a professional salesman or saleswoman understands the prospect's pain and has a moral obligation to help them solve their problem.

I understand this can be scary for a lot of people to start with because it’s a big step to become someone that can change someone else’s life online and be paid for it, but this will give us great feedback we can use to improve your results.

Plus, if you sell someone, you could be making money online in as little as 3 weeks from now!
  • Week 4 Magnetizing Your Community:
If you have ever got a call from a salesperson on the phone, you’ll know they have a very low chance of actually selling you something.


Because you don’t TRUST them!

If you are trying to sell people that don’t trust you, you are going to have a hard time making money online.


If you can create a “Know, Like, and Trust factor” with your audience using what I like to call the “persuasive message” that builds compelling content…

...It will allow you to build a relationship with people that you really like and will enjoy working with.

Week 4 is all about the science behind getting people to Know, Like, and Trust you while getting rid of the people who you don’t want in your community.

Quick P.S. as well…

If you’ve been in other coaching programs, you’ll find this is a different from the common client generation methods you’re likely familiar with.

This focus is on building marketing momentum off of a marketing message that brings out emotional, spiritual, and physical feelings for the prospect.
  • Week 5 Monetizing Your Audience:
Now it’s time to lubricate the sales process. 

By this time in the course, we should have gotten you on at least 1 sales call.

That’s great!

But to really scale our business online, we want to create a streamlined process to qualify people who can and will buy from you without wasting time on other people who will not buy from you.

No joke, this is a process that normally takes online business owners months or even years to fine tune!

If you can apply what I’m going to teach you in week 5 (like how to put our Signature Sales Script to work) you could be lightyears ahead of other business owners and making thousands and thousands of dollars a month in no time.
  • Week 6 Minimum Viable Service Delivery + Business Automation:
True wealth comes from being able to make money when you are not working.

A business is defined as a profitable commercial entity that generates income, and runs without you.

This is what we call the difference between a “high income skill” and an “exponential income skill”.

A high income skill is learning how to do heart surgery or being a personal trainer for a high level gym.

An exponential income skill is learning how to do something once, and have it make you money for the rest of your life. 

The overview for week 6 is learning how to create high level wealth WITHOUT scaling your time input .

#2 = LIFETIME Access To My LIVE Weekly Business Q+A Calls

Every week of the program, you will be invited to a Live weekly Q&A call to clarify any points of confusion to help you move forward. 

Some people will generate their first 5-10K online in their first 6 weeks without any help, but for other people it will take longer and they will need more guidance.

Everyone runs their own race, so making you live up to certain standards in this group like, “You must make X amount of dollars in 6 weeks.” is not an idea I am fond of.

The point of this course is teaching you to START MAKING MONEY online.

As soon as you start generating cashflow, we can scale it using new techniques and strategies to push you to the next level.

This is part of the reason why I am not going to kick you to the curb and wish you “good luck” after 6 weeks.

I am giving you lifetime access to all live Q&A calls from now until forever.

That means 6 months from now you still join these live weekly calls and ask questions about how to grow your business even more.

#3 = Access To My Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group

Inside our Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group, you will get lifetime access to be able to interact with everybody who has been a member of The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator and everybody who will be a member of The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator.

One of the hardest things about becoming an entrepreneur and generating online cashflow is feeling like you are all alone.

Your family won’t understand…

Your friends won’t understand…

And there will be times you feel confused, maybe even discouraged…

But if you have access to a community that will support you and guide you no matter what, then suddenly it becomes much harder to fail.

This is what we call “good peer pressure”.

When everybody around you is going through the same process you are to generating online cashflow, they understand what you are going through and will support you through every up and down.


You didn’t think I’d let you get away without giving you some free bonuses did you?
Of course not!


The Lost Week 7
Inside our Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group, you will get lifetime access to be able to interact with everybody who has been a member of The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator and everybody who will be a member of The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator.

One of the hardest things about becoming an entrepreneur and generating online cashflow is feeling like you are all alone.

Your family won’t understand…

Your friends won’t understand…

And there will be times you feel confused, maybe even discouraged…

But if you have access to a community that will support you and guide you no matter what, then suddenly it becomes much harder to fail.

This is what we call “good peer pressure”.

When everybody around you is going through the same process you are to generating online cashflow, they understand what you are going through and will support you through every up and down.


Business Nirvana Introduction
I’ve known other online coaches that like to kick people to the curb and wish them luck after they complete their program.

That IS NOT how we do business here.

My team and I are in the business of getting you RESULTS, and that’s part of the reason we gave you lifetime access to our Live QnA calls where you can ask questions about growing your business forever.

But...some of you are going to need more than that.

You will need exposure to high level trainers and business professionals.

You will need to see real life examples of cutting edge marketing and sales strategies.

You will need MORE than just 6 weeks of coaching.

That’s why I’m going to introduce you to my Business Nirvana Mastermind and give you the opportunity to join us for a live call FREE.

You won’t be able to ask questions because I have to respect the members who have paid to get personalized attention in this group, but you will be able to attend and learn from my highest level students…

...Many of whom are making well over 10K/month and are happy to share their knowledge with people like you.

Our goal is to have you join us in this elite entrepreneurial group eventually, but right now let’s just focus on getting you your first sale.

So let's do a quick recap...

By signing up for The Cashflow Accelerator today, you are getting 6 weeks of video content from me, Eric Balance.

Using diagrams, examples from my mentors, and case studies from my previous students - I am going to show you the strategy me and my students have used to go from ZERO dollars online to $5,000+ dollars online.

Second, you are going to get an invitation to join our LIFETIME ACCESS LIVE QnA calls every week with me.

If you have questions on that week’s lessons, have a new idea that you want to try, or just want to chat with me and the community, you can join these LIVE weekly calls and accelerate your results from the program even more.

So you’re getting 6 weeks of video content from me with the EXACT strategies I’ve used to get myself and my students to their first 5K online AND access to LIVE weekly QnA calls.

Third, you will be a member of your Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group.

Inside you will have access to everybody in The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator, including me.

If have questions or need some support from people going through the same thing you are, then this Facebook Group is the place to go.

In addition to the group and me, you will also get content delivered to you 7x per week from me and my team on the things that are working best in the online space RIGHT NOW.

So that means you are getting 6 weeks of content by me, Eric Balance, where I will show you the EXACT strategies I first used to take myself from zero to 5K/month, and now use to teach my students to generate their first 5K online…

And, an invitation to join our LIFETIME ACCESS to our LIVE weekly QnA calls to answer any question you have about how to grow your business even faster while interacting with me and the whole community…

And, you will join our Private, Members Only Business Nirvana Facebook group for 24 hour support from me, my team, and the community of other Conscious Cashflow Accelerator Members.

What’s The Investment?

“So how much is it to join The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator Eric?”

Good question.

If what I teach inside this program has the power to generate 5-10K for you in only 6 weeks like these people…

What I teach inside The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator has the power to generate 10K+ for you in the first 6 weeks.

It’s what myself and 100+ of my students have used to go from 9-5 job to online business owners living life on our OWN terms.

So if you can make 10K or more using this method in just 6 weeks…

It would make sense to charge at least 5K to join the Cashflow Accelerator, right?

If you put in the work and commit to the process, you’ll be making a profit in 6 weeks and have the skills you need to continue making money online for the rest of your life from your laptop!

That’s a priceless skill that can allow you to do an infinite number of things like…
  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Travel more.
  • Do work you actually enjoy.
  • ​Work less.
  • ​Have the tools to go out and create the change you want to see in the world.
For me and my clients, those things are priceless.

By going through this course YOU will have the skills to make that your reality.

But, I’m well aware not everything in life works out as perfect as we hope it will sometimes…

What if you only make 5K online in your first 6 weeks?

What if you only make 2K online in your first 6 weeks?

Even though you are going to be given the skills you need to generate your first 10K online, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are actually going to make that the first time you try your hand at online business.

We have to be realistic, right?

Not everyone is in a position in life where they are going to be able to make 10K in their first 6 weeks online.

But I do believe that anyone can generate at LEAST 2-3K in their first 6 weeks online IF...they put in the work.

And remember…

That’s not just one payday. 

These 6 weeks are going to give you the skills to generate cashflow online every month for the rest of your life.

Plus, with lifetime access to live QnA calls, you can come back and get support to increase the amount of cash you’re generating online as long as you want.




For many people, the first 6 weeks could generate them 10K or more which would make the Cashflow Accelerator worth at least $6,000.

That way you would have plenty of profit to continue growing your business and it would motivate you to really take action and make your 6K back...

...But let’s assume that you’re not in the best position to grow an online business right now.

You take action on everything inside the course, show up to every live QnA call, and generate just 2K in the next 6 weeks. (I’ll show you why I’m positive you can do this as well if you put in the work using the methods inside The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator in just a moment.)

$2,000 every 6 weeks is about $1,500 a month.

Let’s say this course ONLY shows you how to generate an extra $1,500 per month

Would that be worth it?

1,500 * 12 = An extra $18,000 this year.

What would an extra $18,000 do for your life this year?
What would it look like to have an extra $1,500 per month going into your bank account?

What would your family say when you told them you found a way to make an extra 18K online?

Would you be able to buy a new car this year?

Would you FINALLY be able to take that all-inclusive vacation to the white sand beaches of Mexico?

Would you be able to move into a new home this year?

Would you increase your credit lines and get access to more cash than ever before?

How confident would you feel knowing that this is only the beginning of something much, much greater?

I think we can all agree that being able to achieve that lifestyle is something beyond number value…

And that’s assuming you ONLY make another $1,500 per month!

So many of my students have seen results far greater than that.

Taylor Tosczak 

She left her job 3 months after working with me and using the methods I taught her and now is consistently crushing 5 figure months!

Still growing like crazy too and now is an amazing 6 figure life coach using the methods I helped her implement in her business to change lives all over the planet.

Gaby Picirrilli

She is a world renowned healer that works with clients in person, clients like Tony Robbins, Rob Gronkowski, and Elle MacPherson. She had no online presence and she was able to generate and create a presence online where she was able to create monthly recurring revenue with her own program.

Juris Skribans

He did not have an online business and was worried about everything changing with the climate of COVID… He was worried about marketing and sales and here is what he had to say…
Now imagine if you could get results like that.

That could be a whole new life for you.

It’s at least worth a lot more than $10,000 to be able to live the lifestyle you love forever, don't you think?

But don’t worry... I’m not going to charge you $10,000 today.

In fact I’m not even going to charge you half of that.

The investment to join the Cashflow Accelerator is normally $1,997 USD.


We are offering a 25% discount until July 1st.


Until the first 20 people sign up for the program.

This is a “Founding Group” discount to reward Action Takers that are ready to create a MASSIVE change in their lives NOW...not tomorrow, or next month, or a year from now.

So your total investment today is...

 Launch Pricing

2 Payments Of $900  

  • #1 = 6 Weeks Of Video Content Inside A Private Multi-Media Cashflow Library 
  • #2 = LIFETIME Access To My LIVE Weekly Business Q+A Calls
  • #3 = Access To My Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group
  • ​BONUS #1 The Lost Week 7
  • ​BONUS #2 Business Nirvana Introduction

1 Payment Of $1497 

($303 discount!)

  • #1 = 6 Weeks Of Video Content Inside A Private Multi-Media Cashflow Library 
  • #2 = LIFETIME Access To My LIVE Weekly Business Q+A Calls
  • #3 = Access To My Private Business Nirvana Facebook Group
  • ​BONUS #1 The Lost Week 7
  • ​BONUS #2 Business Nirvana Introduction
I know there are a lot of people online who like to create “fake discounts” to trick people into buying now...but that is not the case here.

On the night of July 1st, my team will take down this page and repost a brand new page where the investment will be $1,997.

I’m aware that could be a big investment for you right now which is why I’m offering a 7 day free trial and a payment plan (more details below) but I’ve found the people who are willing to invest the full amount upfront are the people who get the best results consistently.

$1497 is your full investment to gain the skills and knowledge to start generating online cashflow for the rest of your life.

Not to mention the lifetime access to our community QnA calls + FB group where you will continue to ask questions and scale your income indefinitely.

This is truly the BEST deal you could ask for to make the switch and start generating cashflow for yourself though your online business ASAP. 


Still on the edge?

Do you see the value, but just not sure you want to invest $1497 today?

No problem.

Take 7 days on me and test The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator for FREE.

That means you get to go through Week 1: The Business Foundation + Evolution Of A Conscious Creator, for free.

During the first week I am going to start you on the right foot and show the path to become an entrepreneur in the Multimedia Cashflow Library.

And you get 1 LIVE Q&A call with me to ask questions in person about how to grow your business.

This is something other students of mine have paid $5,000 or more to get access to live calls, and you’re getting one call for FREE.

So this means, in the first week you test drive this program you will go through Week 1: The Business Foundation + Evolution Of A Conscious Creator, and get a LIVE QnA call with me and the rest of the community.

Essentially you get to take the first part of the course and decide if it’s worth AFTER you get the content.

If at any time you decide this course isn’t worth it or think you can’t get results with what I am going to share with you, send my team an email and you can cancel without making any payments.


When you decide that you are ALL IN on generating consistent, scalable cashflow online and choose to join me as we go through the next 5 weeks of content…

Then you will make your first payment 7 days into the course where you will get access to EVERYTHING else inside.

What Happens After The First 7 Days

  • First, you will be invited to our private Business Nirvana Facebook Group where you will get to interact with a community of people that will grow with you.
  • ​Second, our membership portal will unlock for you and reveal week 2-6 of the course.
  • ​Third, all future invitations to LIVE Q&A sessions with me will be available as long as you register for them inside the membership portal.

All you gotta do to get started is click the button below right now.


If you’re wondering whether or not this program is right for you, read carefully.
Who WILL NOT do well in The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator?

      People who don’t care about themselves or their future.

You’d be surprised how many people simply don’t care what their life looks like 6 weeks, 6 months, or even 6 years from now.

If they wake up and look in the same bathroom mirror they’ve been looking in for the past 6 years, they won’t care that they are still living in the same crappy apartment.

That is someone that is not a good fit to join this program.

I want people who are ambitious to join this program.

Think carefully, if you’re OK with being the same person living in the same spot with the same life 5-10 years from now, please DO NOT join today.

      People who ONLY care about money.

If you are someone who only cares about what kind of car you drive or what kind of house you live in, this IS NOT for you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a better lifestyle.

In fact, I encourage it!

We all want to experience more things without having to worry about the cost, but there is a lot more to life than just you.

I help people build their bank accounts so they can 1. Live a better life for themselves. 2. Even more importantly, make a difference in the world!

The world NEEDS creative minds that see problems and dedicate their lives to being a solution.

If you are just here because you want to make money and don’t care about anybody or anything else, please DO NOT join.

      People who aren’t willing to put in the work.

Like I told you earlier, I’m offering you this amazing program with a free trial because I WANT YOU TO WIN!

I want to show the world what kind of amazing results you got when you joined the program and started making thousands more dollars each month.

But I cannot do that if YOU aren’t willing to put in the work.

Like anything in your life, you are responsible for dictating your destiny.

If you sign up and only do half the work and only show up to a few calls, you will not get good results.

That’s just the truth.

I can only do 49% of the work for have to put in the other 51% to succeed.

If you are someone who quits when things get hard, this program is NOT for you.


      People who are committed to themselves.

If you’ve had a feeling in your gut that you were meant for more, this is for you. 

I understand it might be nerve wracking to take action, but if you are committed to yourself and making a change in your life, joining this program is the exact thing you need to push yourself into stepping up to see success FAST.

      Action takers.

The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator was not made for talkers. 

It was made for action takers.

People who get up off the couch and choose to make a difference in their life.

If you are someone who takes action and follows through on the information you get, THIS IS for you.

      Supportive people.

You are not entering this program alone. 

There are dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that will join the Private Facebook Community to learn entrepreneurship just like you did.

I want to create a community that boosts your success every time you visit the group.

To do that, I have to make sure I create a supportive community of people who lift each other up.

My goal for this group is for you to be able to make connections that can last a lifetime.

It should be common for members to call each other when they are not in the group meetings to strategize and encourage each other to keep going.

If you are a supportive, encouraging person, you will find there are great benefits to helping others succeed as you become more and more successful.

      Lastly, FAST decision makers.

One of the biggest signs of someone who is going to succeed is whether or not they make fast, firm decisions and follow through on their word.

If you know this program is something that is going to help you go online and start generating cashflow in the next 6 weeks, it’s time to make a decision.

I know you might feel nervous about making a decision...

But that’s a sign that the ambitious, strong part of you knows this is something you NEED something you take action on.

Any hesitation in you is the scared part of you that tries to hold you back from trying new things.

This is why I’m giving you the first 7 days free!

If you decide this program is not for you after the 7 day trial, just email

And you won't have to pay a thing as long as you put in the work to consume the content in the program.

So...the way I see it, you have 3 options.

1. Keep living your life the same way and don’t do anything.

If you’re cool with that, I’m cool with that.

2. Try to figure out how to start an online, cashflow generating business on your own.

You’re welcome to do that if you want to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve spent on failed ideas and learning from experts to create this course.

Eventually you’ll probably figure it out...but it’s likely it will take you 3+ years to get any results.

3. You join The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator today and get the information to start generating cashflow online in the next 6 weeks or less!

If you want lifetime access to me and a community of other entrepreneurs that will help you quit your job and start generating cashflow online in the next 6 weeks...this is your best option to get started now.


“I’ve never done anything like this before, how do I know it will work?”

The simple answer is…

You don’t know.

That’s a question I can’t answer for you.

But I can tell you that I’ve taught 100+ people to start generating cashflow online.

They’ve started out as personal trainers, waitresses, and working in office jobs...but they’ve ALL generated cashflow online.

If you can follow instructions and are willing to put the effort it takes to succeed, there is a good chance you are going to do VERY well in this course.

“It seems like a lot of work. How much time is this going to take?”

Commit to an hour a day.

At bare minimum it will be at least 6 hours per week with 1 day off.

“I’m in another program, should I still join?”


These are the fundamental tools that lead into creating any successful online business.

Chances are your current course doesn’t offer lifetime access to as many resources as I’m giving you today, and even if it does, I highly doubt you are getting the same level of information as you’re going to get in this program.

Plus, if you don’t LOVE it and it’s not the best investment you’ve made to start your online business, you get a FULL REFUND.

“I want to wait for a better time. Can I join later?”

The most successful people are ACTION TAKERS. 

A pattern of success is making fast decisions.

So what are you waiting for?

There is never going to be a “perfect time” to start. There will always be something that is trying to stop you from stepping up and claiming your power.

That’s why you’ve got to make a decision.

Is it time to change your life?

Or is that something this isn’t important to you right now?

“I have a partner/loved one, is this something that can help both of us grow?”


If you are trying to create a better life for you AND your family, The Conscious Cashflow Accelerator is probably the best to do it, because it won’t require you to work all hours of the day.

You can build your business without sacrificing your family time.

“Will I be able to quit my job if I join this program?” 

This is the goal from the program for sure, but here’s what I’ll tell you.

You usually want to see stability in a business before you give up everything else you’re doing.

Just because you made 5K one month, it may not mean you’ll make that every single month.

This is why I’m teaching you business automation tools so we can stabilize your business before you quit your job.

Eventually though, yes. You will be able to fire your boss and quit your job if you do the work.

“Is there a guarantee?”

If you put in 100%, I will put a 150% guarantee that this will change the trajectory of your life forever because you’ll start making more money than you ever knew was possible online.

That is the guarantee for the results you will get.

“How does the refund work?”

There is a 100% guarantee for people who put in 100% of the work to see results in this program in 6 weeks or less.

If you DO NOT see results in 6 weeks and have showed up to all live QnA and watched the video modules, and still haven’t seen success?

You get 100% of your investment sent back to you.

Plus, you get to keep the program!

“I’m not sure I can make it online... I might just settle for my current job Eric.”


That’s fine with me. You have the freedom to do whatever you want with your life.

But first I’ve gotta ask…


You have dreams and desires to create a brand new life for yourself.

You’ve proven that by reading this page.

You want MORE, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So why would you settle for a life you don’t love when you have the opportunity to change right in front of you?

Sure, it might be intimidating to get started...but isn’t the idea of you living the life YOU want to live 5 years from now worth being a little uncomfortable now?

Don’t you think the future you will thank you for taking action today?

You can take action now for free, so my advice is to take advantage of it for the first 7 days at least. If you’re not head over heels impressed and loving the program, just send my team an email and you won’t have to pay a dime.

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